Featuring Kroschu EV Cables & Automotive Wires

The trend towards electric vehicles is becoming more and more important, and e-mobility combines environmental friendliness, efficiency and driving pleasure in one.

We are excited to announce that Mueller Group is a premier North American Stocking Distributor for Kroschu (Kromberg & Schubert)!

Kroschu’s commitment to innovation and precision has earned them a reputation as a leading manufacturer of top-of-the-line customized cables and high-quality standard and specialty cables.

Their EV cables are designed to meet the highest mechanical and electrical requirements for e-mobility applications, such as electric power line, electric drive motor, electric oil pump and air conditioning compressor.

Kroschu E-mobility cable specifications include LV 216-1, +180 Deg C, screened silicone, and 600V AC / 1000V DC.  Meets the automotive standards of BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Audi, Porsche and others.

Featured product types include: FHLR2GCB2G, FHLR2G2GCB2G, FHLALR2GCB2G, FHL2G, FHLAL2G, FHLYWYW, FHLR311YBC11Y.

Get in touch to learn about our stock of EV HV power and control cables from Kroschu! Speak to a member of our team at (847) 882-4333 or email products@muellergroup.net.