Featured Product H07RN-F

H07RN-F is a harmonized, heavy duty, flexible, rubber insulated, black neoprene jacketed multi-conductor 750V European cable.  Recommended for use in electrical equipment under medium mechanical stress in a dry or damp indoor or outdoor environment.  Plus, H07RN-F is now available with improved features! 

Improved features include:

  • Flexible -40° C to +90° C (H07BN-4)
  • AD8 Submersibility (H07RN8-F)
  • Low-Smoke / Halogen-Free (H07BN-4)
  • UV-Resistant / Ozone-Resistant
Available in stock from #17AWG(1,00mm²) to 3/0AWG(95mm²); other sizes also available. Call today for pricing (847) 882-4333.