Categories: Tray TC-ER / VFD Cable , Flexible Double Shielded Motor Connecting Cable


UL/CSA/CE, PVC, Double Shielded, VFD, 600/1kV

9YSLCYK-JB+3 is a double shielded, large gauge size, PVC motor supply cable with a black PVC UV-resistant outer jacket and three (3) symmetrical ground wires.

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Product Description

9YSLCYK-JB+3 is a double shielded, large gauge size, PVC motor supply cable with a black PVC UV-resistant outer jacket and three (3) symmetrical ground wires.  Polypropylene insulation over a very fine copper strand provides a low-loss transfer of power, excellent low capacitance performance and superior flexibility when compared to conventional PVC cables.  9YSLCYK-JB+3 applications include frequency converters, motor runs and in connections with high electromagnetic interference.  Found in the automotive, paper and food industry, environmental technology, packaging industry, machine tools and handling equipment.  The overall foil and tinned copper braid shield offer excellent protection against electromagnetic and electrical interferences. This version substitutes the common single green/yellow ground wire for three (3) symmetrical green/yellow ground wires for improved EMC characteristics. For medium mechanical stresses found indoors in dry, moist or wet areas.  The black UV-resistant jacket allows for outdoor use and for direct burial applications.should be used in outdoor applications.

Product Specifications


  • Fine bare copper strands
  • Strands to VDE-0295 class.5, IEC 60228 Cl-5
  • Special polypropylene (PP) core insulation
  • Color code VDE-0293-308 (HD 308 S2)
  • Three (3) symmetrical green/yellow grounds
  • Aluminum foil wrapping over cores
  • 85% tinned copper braid shield
  • Special black PVC outer jacket (RAL 9005)
  • UV-resistant and direct burial approved
  • Extremely oil & chemical resistant


  • Working voltage IEC: 600/1000 volts
  • Working voltage UL/CSA: 1000 volts
  • Testing voltage: 4000 volts
  • Flexing bending radius: 15 x Ø
  • Static bending radius: 4 x Ø
  • Flexing temp: -5º C to +80º C
  • Static temp: -40º C to +80º C
  • Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1, VW-1
  • Insulation resistance: 200 MΩ x km


  • UL AWM 2570 or 20886, VW-1
  • CSA AWM I/II A/B, FT-1
  • UL/CSA rated 1kV 80 Deg C.
  • Adapted to VDE 0276, 0250 & 0207
  • CE Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS compliant

Product Details

Part Number Cores Nominal OD (in) Nominal OD (mm) CU LBS/MFT WT LBS/MFT AMPs GRND x 3
1 AWG (400/26) 50,0mm2
9050103 31.224”31.1mm144616091688 AWG
2 AWG (280/26) 35,0mm2
9050203 31.083”27.5mm1030115213510 AWG
4 AWG (200/26) 25,0mm2
9050403 30.957”24.3mm80888910812 AWG
6 AWG (128/26) 16,0mm2
9050603 30.787”20.0mm5045498214 AWG
8 AWG (80/26) 10,0mm2
9050803 30.685”17.4mm3434136116 AWG
10 AWG (84/28) 6,00mm2
9051003 30.598”15.2mm1852824417 AWG
12 AWG (56/28) 4,00mm2
9051203 30.535”13.6mm1502173418 AWG
14 AWG (50/30) 2,50mm2
9051403 30.508”12.9mm871482620 AWG
16 AWG (30/30) 1,50mm2
9051603 30.449”11.4mm59941824 AWG
2/0 AWG (356/24) 70,0mm2
9052103 31.461”37.1mm199920502078 AWG
3/0 AWG (485/24) 95,0mm2
9053103 31.575”40.0mm265127922506 AWG
4/0 AWG (614/24) 120,0mm2
9054103 31.677”42.6mm324434032926 AWG
300 MCM (765/24) 150,0mm2
9053003 31.969”50.0mm363041103354 AWG
350 MCM (944/24) 185,0mm2
9053503 32.189”55.6mm474752453822 AWG
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