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PVC, Black Cores, Shielded, No Ground, 300/500V

FLEX-CY-OZ is an oil-resistant PVC, reduced diameter power and control cable with a tinned copper wire braid.

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Product Description

FLEX-CY-OZ is an oil-resistant PVC, reduced diameter power and control cable with a tinned copper wire braid. Used as a measuring, regulating and control cable used in machine tool, plant engineering and construction, assembly and production lines and other applications in electrical equipment. Designed for free and unrestricted movements without exposure to tensile loads. Due to the tinned copper braiding, FLEX-CY-OZ cables are suitable for interference-free data and signal transmissions in signal and control applications or where greater electromagnetic compatibility is required. The common inner jacket is replaced by a foil separator giving this cable a reduced diameter, bending radius and weight. The “OZ” construction offers all black and numbered cores with no green/yellow ground wire. Outdoor installation is not permitted.

Product Specifications


  • Fine bare copper strands
  • Strands to VDE-0295 Class-5, IEC 60228 Cl-5
  • Special PVC core insulation
  • Color code VDE-0293
  • No Ground Wire
  • Plastic foil separator
  • 85% Tinned Copper Braid
  • Gray PVC outer jacket (RAL 7001)
  • “OZ” denotes no ground wire
  • Extremely oil & chemical resistant


  • Working voltage: 300/500 volts
  • Testing voltage: 4000 volts
  • Flexing bending radius: 10 x Ø
  • Static bending radius: 5 x Ø
  • Flexing temp: -5º C to +70º C
  • Static temp: -30º C to +80º C
  • Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1
  • Insulation resistance: >20 MΩ x km


  • VDE-0245, 0281 Part 13
  • CE Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS compliant

Product Details

Part Number Cores Nominal OD (in) Nominal OD (mm) CU LBS/MFT WT LBS/MFT
16 AWG (30/30) 1,50mm2
1341602 20.276"7.0mm4460
1341603 30.299"7.6mm4778
1341604 40.327"8.3mm74101
1341605 50.354"9.0mm84118
1341607 70.382"9.7mm105147
17 AWG (32/32) 1,00mm2
1341702 20.248"6.3mm3448
1341703 30.265"7.0mm4760
1341704 40.280"7.1mm5472
1341705 50.311"7.9mm6485
1341707 70.335"8.5mm80115
1341712 120.441”11.2mm113174
18 AWG (24/32) 0,75mm2
1341802 20.232"5.9mm2938
1341803 30.244"6.2mm3540
1341804 40.268"6.8mm4164
1341805 50.295"7.5mm4873
1341807 70.339"8.6mm6687
1341825 250.549"15.1mm188292
20 AWG (16/32) 0,50mm2
1342002 20.213"5.4mm2430
1342003 30.224"5.7mm2940
1342004 40.248"6.3mm3352
1342005 50.267"6.7mm3860
1342007 70.295"7.5mm4675
1342012 120.378"9.6mm78134
1342018 180.453"11.5mm105146
1342025 250.535"13.6mm168235
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