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HAR, PVC, Flexible Flat Black, 300V

H03VVH2-F is a harmonized, sheathed, flexible, PVC, flat, black cable.

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Product Description

H03VVH2-F harmonized, sheathed, flexible, PVC, flat, black cable. Recommended for use in connecting small electrical appliances under low mechanical stress environments as in offices, kitchens and households. It can commonly be found in connections to small kitchen appliances, desk lamps, floor lamps, vacuum cleaners, office machines and radios. These cables should NOT be used in cooking and heating apparatus. Available in flat black jacket with blue and brown conductor wires. Max operating voltage in single or three phase system is Uo/U 330/300 volts. Outdoor installation is not permitted.

Product Specifications


  • Fine bare copper strands
  • Strands to DIN VDE-0295, Class-5
  • Special PVC core insulation with TI 2 characteristics
  • Special PVC sheath compound with TM2 characteristics
  • Flat black outer jacket
  • Brown and blue conductor wires


  • Nominal voltage: 300/300 volts Uo/U
  • Temp (continuous load): +80º C
  • Temp range: -20º C to +80º C


  • HD 21.1 and HD 21.5
  • VDE-0295
  • CE Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS Compliant

Product Details

Part Number Cores Nominal OD (in) Nominal OD (mm) CU LBS/MFT WT LBS/MFT
18 AWG (24/32) 0,75mm2
4541802 20.134 - 0.220"3.4 - 5.6mm1023
20 AWG (16/32) 0,50mm2
4542002 20.122 - 0.201"3.1 - 5.1mm618
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