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Yellow Flat

UL/CSA, PVC, Flat Festoon, 600/2000V

Yellow Flat is a flat, flexible, UL/CSA, 600/2000 volt, PVC, flat festoon power and control cable.

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Product Description

Yellow Flat is a flat, flexible, UL/CSA, 600/2000 volt, PVC insulated, flat, flexible festoon cable. Mainly designed for power and control applications such as crane bridges and gantries, hoists, monorail systems and traveling electrified equipment utilizing a cantenary system for cable installation. The flat construction allows these cables to be stacked for applications where space is at a minimum and require smaller bending radius over that of round cables. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The outer PVC jacket is flame retardant and oil resistant. Available in 18 AWG (0,75mm2) and 17 AWG (1,0mm2).

Product Specifications


  • Flexible stranded bare copper conductors
  • PVC core insulation
  • Color coded wires
  • Flame retardant and oil resistant outer PVC jacket
  • PVC yellow outer jacket (black available upon request)


  • Working voltage: 600/2000 volts
  • Flexing bending radius: 5 x Ø
  • Temperature range: 40º C to 105º C
  • (UL) VW-1 / CSA FT1 Rated -40 º C to +90º C
  • Flame retardant


  • (UL) Festoon 600V 105º C
  • (UL) AWM 600V 105º C
  • CSA Festoon 600V 105º C
  • RoHS compliant

Product Details

** Color Codes: 1. Black, 2. Red, 3. Blue, 4. Orange, 5. Yellow, 6. Brown, 7. Red/Black, 8. Blue/Black, 9. Orange/Black, 10. Yellow/Black, 11. Brown/Black, 12. Black/Red

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