How does The Mueller Group, Inc. work?

The Mueller Group, Inc. has established a global network dating back to 1981. We have worldwide contacts that are able to manufacture or supply cables required here in the USA. In most cases, cables from our many competitors are from these same manufacturers and suppliers. Through our defined networks we are able to source not only from Germany, but literally from around the world, opening up new stocking opportunities and channels of distribution.

Where is The Mueller Group, Inc. located?

The Mueller Group, Inc. is located in Schaumburg, Illinois. We are approximately 25 miles northwest from the heart of Chicago and only 10 miles away from O'Hare International Airport. Being so close to the airport dramatically helps our shipment lead times. Moreover, Chicago lands us in the heart of the Midwest, which opens our distribution to all major channels such as airfreight, sea freight, rail freight, and truck freight. Our address is 509 E. State Pkwy, Ste C, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

What type of companies do business with The Mueller Group, Inc.?

The Mueller Group, Inc. has a strict policy of not selling to end users and contractors. We have established a niche in handling major wire & cable specialists and distributors. If an end users is interested in our product lines, they can contact us and we will help them choose the company that will help them the most.

What is The Mueller Group, Inc. freight policy?

We here at The Mueller Group, Inc., feel that in the business climate today, larger orders should have some advantage not just to the vendor, but to the customer. Any order placed over $3500 USD will be considered Freight Allowed. By qualifying for freight allowed shipments, all the costs associated with shipping from The Mueller Group, Inc. location to the customer will be paid by The Mueller Group, Inc. These shipments are restricted to ground and/or truck shipments. Air freights are not allowed for Freight Allowed, but can be negotiated.

What are the main lead times for non-stock items?

The Mueller Group, Inc. has established weekly cargo space on major airlines throughout Europe. The usual lead time for an air-freight shipment is 2-3 weeks (some weight restrictions apply). This service is passed on to the customer at no extra costs! This lead time allows consolidation of shipments overseas, master air bill numbers, airfreight time, clearing by US Customs and delivery to us. Sea-freight shipments run 4-5 weeks lead time and can usually be an advantage since we will quote a lower sea-freight only price.

What is CE rating and harmonization ?

The CE symbol identifies a product that conforms to a European directive adopted by a group of European countries that form the European Union or EU. This CE-rating is very similar to having a product in the USA as UL-listed.
Harmonized cables signified usually by are cables that meet common standards that were established by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) for all its member countries.

How do you convert millimeters (mm) to Inches?

Multiple the millimeters by .03937. For example, a cable diameter of 12mm that needs to be in inches would be: (12mm × .03937= .472 Inches)

How does The Mueller Group, Inc. work?

Most European catalogs show weights as Kg/Km. The kilogram is 2.2 pounds and the kilometer is 3280 feet. With this in mind, multiple the KG shown by 2.2 (for pounds). Next divide that number by 3.28 (3.28 is the 3280 feet converted to 1000 Feet) For example, a book weight of 500 kg/km would be calculated into pounds per 1000 feet by the following: (500 × 2.2 ÷ 3.28 = 335 Pounds/1000 Ft)

What is the requirement for the amount of coverage on the Green/Yellow grounding conductor?

CE regulations state that one of the colors must cover at least 30%, but not more than 70% of the insulation surface.

What does Uo/U mean before voltage rating like 300/500V?

Uo is the nominal voltage between the conductor and the ground. U is the nominal voltage between the phase conductors. Example: (300 voltage rating between the conductors and the ground) (500 Voltage rating between the phase conductors)

What does intrinsically safe mean?

Intrinsic safety is a protection measure designed to eliminate a potentially hazardous or explosive atmosphere. Intrinsically safe cables are manufactured to be unable to deliver or release sufficient power to ignite an energy or explosive gas. Intrinsically safe cables allow limited voltage and limited currents to power lines and connections that are made to equipment in a hazardous or potential dangerous environment. These cables are signified by a blue jacket and should not have a green/yellow grounding conductor.

Do you have a minimum bill?

The Mueller Group, Inc. tries to maintain a $50.00 USD order minimum. These minimums are set to cover the cost of handling the smaller orders without a lose.

Which freight carriers are used by The Mueller Group, Inc.?

The Mueller Group, Inc. has aligned itself with many different options for freight routing. All UPS services and Federal Express services are used on a daily pick-up basis. We also support numerous LTL truck lines for prepaid & add shipments. We can also establish contacts with any freight lines or overnight specialty services needed or required by the customer. Call for further information.