Bus / Ethernet / Sensor Cable

ASI™ (Actuator-Sensor-Interface Cable – AS International)

EPDM, TPE, PVC, TPE-UL or PUR AS-I Bus Cable - Yellow or Black
AS-I (Actuator-Sensor-Interface) is a special system cable. With AS-I, the cable assembly from the control system is not needed.
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CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network Cables)

UL/CSA SHLD Stationary or High-Flex CAN-BUS Cable- Purple
CAN-BUS-PVC and CAN-BUS-PUR (Controller-Area-Network) are field bus cables that conform to international CAN standard ISO-11898.
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DeviceNet™ (developed by Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation)

UL/CSA SHLD HF, PUR, PVC or PVC-EF DeviceNet Cable- Purple
DEVICENET-PVC or DEVICENET-PUR is a bus system developed by Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation) that connects industrial devices such as limit switches, photo-electric switches, variable frequency drives, motor starters, valve islands, PLC's or any other on-line bus system component.
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Interbus™ (Interbus Sytems by Phoenix Contact)

UL/CSA SHLD Stationary, High-Flex or Outdoor Interbus Cable- Purple
INTERBUS-PVC or INTERBUS-PUR (IBS) are bus cables designed for use in high speed control requirements.
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Profibus® (Process Field Bus Cable)

UL/CSA SHLD PVC or PUR, Flexible or QC Bus Cables- Purple
PROFIBUS-L2/FIP are field bus cables designed for use in FIP (Factory Instrumentation Protocol) and SINEC-L2 field bus systems and other high performance field bus networks.
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SHLD or UL/CSA SHLD Stationary or High-Flex Bus Cable- Purple
PROFIBUS-PVC or PROFIBUS-PUR are field bus cables that connect digital field devices at the sensor/actuator level to the higher level components.
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SafetyBus® (SafetyBUS - Pilz GmbH & Co.)

PUR, PUR-ER of PVC-UL Safety-Bus Cable- Yellow
SAFETYBUS-PUR are bus cables for systems with serial transmissions of relevant safety data from direct connection to multiple sensors, actuators and safety controls.
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