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UL/CSA/CE PVC, Grey TPE Jacket, Oil-Resistant 600/1kV

FLEX-TC Blue is a heavy-duty, flexible, oil-resistant tray power cable with a gray overall TPE/nylon jacket.

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Product Description

FLEX-TC Blue is a heavy-duty, flexible, oil-resistant tray power cable with a gray overall TPE/nylon jacket. It has finely stranded bare copper conductors cabled with a non-woven polyester wrap, clear mylar and an oil/sunlight resistant gray TPE overall jacket. Its recommended use is for machine tool machinery, food & beverage, processing equipment, automotive and machine wiring. FLEX-TC Blue can be used for under-ground installation and open, unprotected installation from the cable tray to the machine and in industrial plants. Suitable in dry, damp and wet environments.

Product Specifications


  • TPE gray jacket
  • Bare copper conductor, fine wire stranded
  • Insulation: specially formulated PVC/nylon
  • Color code: blue & numbered + green/yellow grounds
  • Color code: 4c + -#2 white/blue
  • Available in #16 AWG (1,31mm2) and #18 AWG
  • UV-resistant


  • Working voltage: 600/1000 volts
  • Testing voltage: 2000 volts
  • Bending radius: 4 x Ø
  • Flexing temp: -25º C to +105º C
  • Static temp: -40º C to +105º C
  • Flame Retardant: CSA FT4


  • UL Standard 1277, TC-ER, WTTC, NFPA 79, Class 1 Div. 2 per NEC Art. 501, 90º Dry / 75º Wet, Oil Res II
  • CE Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS Compliant

Product Details

Part Number Cores Nominal OD (in) Nominal OD (mm) CU LBS/MFT WT LBS/MFT
16 AWG (1,50mm2)
1581603 30.323''8.2mm2666
1581604 40.335''8.5mm3477
1581605 50.366''9.3mm4284
1581607 70.409''10.4mm60126
1581611 110.541''13.7mm94203
1581612 120.557''14.1mm103218
1581619 190.643''16.3mm162284
1581625 250.737''18.7mm213397
1581633 330.816''20.7mm270489
1581643 430.960''24.4mm350625
1581649 491.005''25.5mm401760
1581665 651.123"28.5mm5311005
18 AWG (1,00mm2)
1581803 30.297''7.5mm2057
1581804 40.315''8.0mm2566
1581805 50.346''8.7mm3377
1581807 70.373''9.4mm4699
1581811 110.463"11.8mm71156
1581812 120.477''12.1mm78172
1581818 180.575''14.6mm116245
1581819 190.583"14.8mm123253
1581825 250.677''17.2mm162322
1581833 330.736"18.7mm200397
1581849 490.908"23.0mm317617
1581865 651.011"25.6mm420688
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