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PVC, 2 External Supports, Lift Cable, 300/500V

TRAGO-LIFT-2S is a PVC control panel connection cable with two (2) external steel supports.

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Product Description

TRAGO-LIFT-2S is a PVC control panel connection cable with two (2) external steel supports. The two special torsion-free steel supporting elements found parallel on both sides of the outer jacket are designed to absorb the resulting tensile load during operations. TRAGO-LIFT-2S is mostly used for connections to control panels, but also for self-supporting shaft cables or in high racks both indoors and outdoors. The outer steel supports can be removed without causing any damage to the jacket or insulation. The weather-resistant outer jacket makes this cable excellent for use under extreme operation and temperature conditions.

Product Specifications


  • Super-fine bare copper strands
  • Strands to VDE-0295 Class-6, IEC 60228 Cl-6
  • Special PVC core insulation
  • Color code VDE-0293 black & numbered
  • Includes a green/yellow ground
  • Fleece wrapping over cores
  • Special PVC outer jacket - black (RAL 9005)
  • 2 external steel support wires
  • Oil & chemical resistant


  • Working voltage: 300/500 volts
  • Testing voltage: 3000 volts
  • Flexing bending radius: 20.0 x Ø
  • Flexing temp: -15º C to +40º C
  • Static temp: -40º C to +70º C
  • Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1
  • Insulation resistance: > 20 MΩ x km


  • VDE-0250
  • CE Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS compliant

Product Details

Part Number Cores Nominal OD (in) Nominal OD (mm) CU LBS/MFT WT LBS/MFT
16 AWG (84/34) 1,50mm2
7281608 80.610"15.5mm77281
7281612 120.657"16.7mm116345
7281615 150.732”18.6mm154386
7281616 160.728"18.5mm154398
7281618 180.760”19.3mm174429
7281620 200.858"21.8mm193235
17 AWG (56/34) 1,00mm2
7281712 120.610"15.5mm77274
7281718 180.693"17.6mm116396
7281725 250.858"21.8mm161504
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